Friday, November 20, 2009

Day Three:


We were the only group to sleep at Sembawang Park. Despite having met weird people in the middle of the night, the morning air was superb! After a short briefing and breakfast, we had a smooth journey to Sembawang MRT. However, to our horror, the shuttle bus service to Yishun only started at 9.30am! It was 8.15am then. So we had to choose between walking to Sembawang Shopping Centre for the shuttle bus or utilize our resources at Sun Plaza. We chose the latter and proceeded to Coffee Bean for their powerpoint after being chased away by security guards for using the powerpoint on the pillar. ): While updating our blog, we received the 9am message.

We started to attempt deciphering the message, and asked around for many people’s opinions. However, we got many places all over Singapore. After much research online and discussion for 3 hours, we decided to head to Bedok Lighthouse @ Lagoon View. We knew that time was tight as we had wasted too much time researching for information. Taking a train down to Yio Chu Kang MRT, we then spent our final bus ride on 76, where we stopped outside Victoria School. The ride took more than we expected, but we made full use of the time on the bus to discuss our presentation.

Upon reaching, we ran to Lagoon View, and went all the way up 25 storeys at Block 5000K to the lighthouse. BUT TO OUR ULTIMATE HORROR AND DISAPPOINTMENT, WE GOT THE WRONG DESTINATION! IT WAS SO SUPER TRAUMATISING. ): We got an option from Ah Hao to either take a bus but face a penalty of one star for every minute we took to reach the bus stop at ECP, or to just walk and not face any penalty. We decided to walk, THE WHOLE STRETCH OF ECP TO THE OTHER END. So brave!

So began our long walk throughout the whole stretch of ECP. We were trying to meet our target of reaching by 1.40pm. However, we were late by 10 minutes. Furthermore, it began pouring again! ): It was very heavy but we still continued on till we found the yellow ‘lighthouse’ at ECP, Area B. We met Gamma walking out on our way, and found Alpha and Delta at the pavilion beside the destination. Alpha and Delta were very kind and waited for our coaches to buy us lunch before heading off to our final destination, which was school, together, with the code deciphered by Alpha.

Back at school, we reached late and were thus required to do 2500 success claps as demanded by Ridtz. They reduced the numbers to 1500, and later followed by a cheering competition between coaches and Alpha-Beta-Delta.

Presentation soon, and Beta will do well.


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