Thursday, November 19, 2009

Day Two Reflections:

Today was Day Two of the Amazing Race, and Beta was extremely elated at the end of today with good reasons! We managed to meet our expectations and completed 4 stations and 4 tasks in one day, with adept time management.

Though we started off late as we did not wake up on time, we made up for it soon with a renewed sense of urgency. We did not want to repeat our mistakes that we made on Day One!

Rain, rain, go away, come again another day! It rained almost the entire day, which made walking extremely uncomfortable with rain-soaked ponchos and shoes. However this was a priceless experience where Beta bonded together and persevered and endured the heavy rains.

We also changed our route plan in the morning at NUS as we felt that the coaches were hinting heavily to us. As they said, ‘Aim for the low-lying fruits’. Thus we learnt to be realistic as well as being flexible in choosing the better solution. The change caused some stir among Beta, but as having learnt to have a common goal and vision from Day One, thus we decided on a common concensus very fast.

Along the way from NUS to Bukit Chandu, our coaches felt that we were not fully utilizing our time. When we were walking, we stopped to discuss and not make use of our time. Thus we learnt how to talk-on-the-walk. Apart from that, our spirits were high. Optimism keeps the energy level high and we walked very briskly compared to yesterday, seldom stopping for breaks. Laughter was order for the day, and it was what helped us achieve so much for the day. In fact, the best thing about today was our strong team spirit and never say die attitude. Together with our lessons learnt from Day One, Day Two was better than we ever imagined! Because we saved so much money from Day One, we were able to eat a scrumptious Macdonalds dinner with enough money left for another Macs lunch on Day Three. One more thing we learnt was to have confidence to just do it. Saying phrases like “I think’, imply a lack of confidence, which is detrimental to maintaining our mentality of leadership. We did learn to fully utilize our resources today by asking strangers for directions whenever we were unsure. However, though the coaches noted that our seeking of affirmation was commendable, asking strangers too many times would result in us wasting too much time, which was what happened to us.

The process of walking to Kent Ridge Park to Bukit Chandu was arduous and tested our physical limits to the maximum! The route had ‘ninety-curves’ with many steep winding slopes that would test even a seasoned hitchhiker. But Beta, like always, did our best and never gave up along the grueling route.

In all, Day Two was awesome and Beta is gonna win the Amazing Race and show everyone awesome girl power from the Ten Chiobu-s!

XOXO, Beta!

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