Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Embarking on our journey - Day One

Today is the first day of Adam Khoo camp and Beta was extremely enthusiastic about it as we had just gone to two days of an extremely fun Congress which boosted our energy levels. We had high expectations of this camp! We had high hopes that it would allow us to grow in our own scheme as a leader and contribute more to Beta during our service.

For the Amazing Race Day One, we felt that we spent too much time planning which resulted in the other houses setting off earlier. We also had too many ideas on how to go about reaching our destination and could not decide on a consensus. While planning we failed to be specific as to how exactly we would get to our destination. We also relied too much on asking for directions from strangers. Though this requires a certain amount of trust, we learnt that we need to rely on our instincts, observations as well. We need to have faith in our own decisions, and believe in ourselves as leaders.

Inflexibility was quite an issue too. We were always fixed on one route to the destination once we decided on it despite the fact that unforeseen circumstances like time contraints and outdated maps cropped up. We learnt that we should have a common vision and go as what decisions we have made. We are all leaders in our own way, thus resulting in each of us having our own ideas on hoe to go about doing something. Without a common goal, the journey was delayed. Thus, we must learn to listen to others more, instead of focusing on voicing out opinions too much. But we would still have to retain our personal sense of leadership.

Time is of the essence, and we learnt that time management is extremely essential, like setting a time to reach a destination as well as including buffer times. We learnt to be more alert and hone our powers of observations, such as looking out for road names and landmarks to avoid prolonging our journey.

Most importantly, we must utilize our resources fully. We must not focus on what we do not have because this means that we will not have anything to utilize. Instead we must focus on what we do have, and this will ensure that we have ample resources that we can make use of.

With all these advices from the coaches and lessons learnt, we believe that Beta will start off the second day with a bang, and have a brighter tomorrow with better experience!

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